My First Encounter

I have a story to share with fellow readers. This happens in 1994…

I was still working with my former company, Hitachi in Benoi Road. At that time, I was working overtime with my collegue. Frankly speaking, if she weren’t around, I won’t be staying because I am the easily scared type of person. The company was running on 24 hrs.

We are not actully alone, but the rest of the production people were downstairs while our office was upstairs. So, even if there are people around, if something were to happen to us, nobody would have known. There were two departments at that time sharing the big space. Our office layout was that, it has no partition except for two rooms with viewing glass window that were the computer room and the Autocad drawing room.

I was at the computer at one corner of the office, which was just beside the Autocad room, while my friend was in the computer room. It was 10 + pm. Since the office was deserted, so it was very quite. As I was typing, suddenly..I smelled something. At first, I thought I was imagining, but the smell grew stronger. It was a very strong and nice flowery smell. I tried to brush of the smell as my imagination, but suddenly, I remembered my friends told me, usually before “IT” appears before you, you will first SMELL IT!!!!. I was starting to have goosebumps and the hair on my neck was standing. I shouted to my friend to quickly switched off everything and proceed to the canteen. My friend was shocked, she was asking me, “..why so kanchong?” But, I think she saw from my expression, she quickly did as instructed.

When we reached the canteen, then I told her what happened. She said, lucky I did not tell her at that moment, if not, she would have just ran and leave everything and ME BEHIND!

The next day I told my senior collegue about this and she told me another encounter that happened. But that, I will tell you next time..

Till this day, I can still remember that smell. Initially I thought it came from my friend but then she was quite far from me and furthermore, I don’t remember this friend of mine putting on any perfume to work…

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