Heads Off

One night he was going down the office building taking a lift to go home(i think so). When the lift goes down a level(i do not remember the floor) the door opens. There in front of him was a headless ghost. He was shocked and felt the presence of spirits. His heart beat was very fast and immediately slammed on the button and the door closed in front of the headlees ghosts.

He was curious why the ghost didn’t attacked him. When the lift goes down another floor and there the lift door opened again. At that time, he knew he could faint anytime when he saw the headless ghost in front of the lift. He slammed on the button and the door immediately closed. He started to panic and he thought he could not get home.

When it goes down another level, the door opened for the third time. This time he dare not look and turn to his back. He stretched his hand to reach the ‘Door Close’ button when he heard someone said, “Hi!”. He turned around and saw his collegue there. He felt relieved and told his friend to accompany him home. They went into the lift together.

The lift door closed and he started telling his friend about the headless ghost. Then, his friend said holding his head, “Like this?” he pull out his head like it was detachable. He fainted. He was found unconsious the next morning in the lift. He had a high fever for a few weeks.

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