Corner Staircase

Rahim is the kind of guy, as we say…..big ego with no sense of fear around him…………he’s kind of wild & even now at his age, he’s still wild!!

Anyway, here the story goes: He was around his early 20’s in the late 70’s. As i said, he is wild now, so he’s even wilder then!

One night, after going out with his group of friends, he came back feeling kind of drowsey (i think, he either took drugs or went drinking) and according to him it was around 1 or 2 am.

As he was walking and went up the stairs (he lived in the 3rd storey), he saw something at the corner staircase on the other side(as you know, in those days the staircase is only at the corner)……and as he moved in closer to take a look, he realised a woman was sitting there. The woman had long hair(the nice type we mostly see in beautiful women) and was facing the other side……my uncle, being the terror type thought that maybe this woman was just a runaway girl and having her own problems, so decided to go up to her and talk to her(you know, his type).

Just as he was walking, the woman suddenly stand up and then he stop in his tracks……..he claimed he saw something that probably most of us would faint seeing……..he looked down and he realised the woman had no legs!!! He quickly ran back for his home feeling really scared! The woman laughed loudly from the back…………it was actually a pontianak that was disturbing him……!!!

From then on, he says he no longer wants to stay back too late outside (dont know if that’s true!) but anyway the incident does make him realise he’s only human………..

This thing happened in the late 70’s at Tanglin Halt area…..and i think the pontianak is still there like they are in any other areas now!!! So be careful, residents there!

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