This story here is to continue with the strange and eerie stories of OEPS. Firstly, as you all will know, all schools will have a field (Sorry, talking cock. Just a tribute to those who don’t know). Yah, OEPS have a big school field. There are some trees growing at a corner of it(forgot what trees already). I have heard from my friend that there is a kind of tomb/stone box there under the trees. So I went to the the tomb/stone box with my friends and pry it open and found it to be empty.(Gotcha?! Here comes the part) And I put my hand into the not so deep box.

All of a sudden, the stone just went down on my hand and there was no wind around that can blow a stone lid down I was so shocked and scared. My friends panicked and tried to lift the stone lid up. They could not see it, but I could. I saw a dark figure just behind the trees nearby, in broad daylight/ Then it suddenly disappeared and the stone lid sprang open. My friends could not see it again. They could not see what I seen. I saw a small, white, powdery figure float out of the tomb/stone box, and floated up into the sky. Nope, I did not fall sick after the incident. (Just wondering why every victim see those kind of things will get sick.). A few days later, I went back to the tomb with my friends and open it again(never die before..) and saw a few packets of blood in there.WE RAN!!!!

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