The Lonely Ghost

This incident happened to me 4 years ago. I remembered it was a secondary 1 orientation school camp. It was a tiring day, it was about 11 at night when it happened(before it happened, some of the seniors told me that the class beside the classroom that i’m going to sleep in was haunted by a ‘lonely ghost’) It was friday nite(for muslims, it is when all the ghosts were wandering around(malam jumaat)). I was supposed to sleep by that time but i resisted by eating an apple noisily, then the extend that i irritated the instructor and having results that i was punish by doing “ketuk-ketampi” outside the class. Then he say that i would only be allowed to go to sleep after doing it 500 times.

That time, i had the curiousity to check whether the story was true, so i went to the alloted classroom and suddenly my “bulu tengkuk” rise and saw the ceiling fan switched on by itself, anyone will be dumbstrucked if he/she would see such things. I can’t move and was shaking while saying prayers in my heart…..Suddenly halfway thru my muttering of prayers, a white cloth flew pass in the class and i can tell you that the cloth is actually not that white but to the yellowish type of cloth, like a cloth that is very old…..I grab all the courage to carry my leg and run away into the class to get to sleep…..The presence of this thing taught me not to be too curious about this supernatural things.

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