Singing Girl

I was in Secondary 4 at Broadrick Secondary School at Mountbatten Road, at that time I was active with my ECA, I took part in NPCC and was rank Sergeant. Once, we have incamp in our school so my other NCO’s and me invites all lower Sec cadets to participate in the camp. I was in-charge to take care of Sec 1 cadets. After the day activities, night falls really fast and we command all cadets and respectives NCO to tuckshop to have our dinner. I, was the last NCOs to go to the tuckshop, and took a shortcut through the our quadrangle and suddenly I heard a voice, a voice of a girl singing. I thought it come from a radio but in Thai’s language. So I quickly ran and call my friend, Guo Wei, and led him the way to the quadrangle. He also heard it.

We then call all the NCO’s to listen. With a stunning face, we looked at one another with question. The strange thing is when we move to the left of the quadrangle, the voice move to the right and when we move to the right the voice move to the left. So, my commander, Osman, tell us to search the voice and all of us in semi-brave agreed but in one condition. Bring your “barries with the crest”. I move with Guo Wei to the 4th level of the school but there’s nothing. Then we all went together to the fields behind our school where there live a construction worker at work but they never switch on their radios. When we got back to school, the voice stopped. We just promise to ourselves not to tell the other cadets. The amazing thing is we still continue the night most popular activities that is call “Ghost Hunting” !!!!!!

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