Haunted School

My story goes like this. I studied in a primary school called Jagoh Primary School, and everyday all my ex-school mate used to tell that that 4th story is scary and often hear noises coming. But i was not too interested and i would not believe them and it was my last year of studies from school so i and my friend were then very happy and also go to the 4th floor and find out what is there. So a group of us went, and it was very spooky and dirty.

We then went to see the toilet which was told to be very scary. Once we entered the toilet, we heard water splashing sonud. After a few minutes, the toilet light went off and on several times, then suddenly the light went off, and we saw a couple of white spooky smoke moving around. Then we started to run away to different directions and went back home. The next day when we went to see the principle and told him that he said it was true that a few years before a lot of students committed suicide because of too much stress.

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