Office At 3:00 Am

This story happened on the 02/22/2020 at 3:00 am. I was in the office that time with my regular job at a BPO company in Ortigas. I’m a really big fan of paranormal stuffs ever since by watching videos of paranormal investigations or actual ghost footage caught on camera. That Saturday morning at 3am I turned on my voice recorder and just left it recording for a couple of minutes.

I’m just curious what would my recorder pick up that time because the last time in 2018 I recorded a lady sounding like she’s in pain, and many of my colleagues had their fair share of spooky moments in the office as well and my hoodie got scratched by something when I was the only one left on our area. My recording lasted about 16 mins and when I reviewed it, there was sound of a child that sounded like playing with someone or something at the 7:36 min mark, and on the 7:41 mark, it sounded like someone snatched a toy from the kid sounding like an angry child. Note: there were no children in the office at all.

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