Some Horror Encounters

I have quite a lot of horror stories to tell but I will just mention a few in this submission. Some of them I did not experience myself but by my friends and family members.

1) I used to love fishing a lot, still am but just don’t have the time to do so now. Changi (not to mention the exact spot) where I always go fishing. There is this shelter hut where a young girl in white with long hair will be sitting. Ya, is typical I know. Maybe ghosts have this few fashion sense. And my fishing friend encountered it alone at another spot when he is trying to fish in the night. This girl (dunno why is a girl again) just stood by the tree and “laughed” in a very eerie tone that is hard to described, then vanished.

2) My ex-colleague. Artist, as usual working late at night, decided to go to toilet and is actually situated pretty far away and by passing through another department will reach. All lights are off and street lights came through the windows. While he was walking along the corridor, he saw that an arm chair was actually rotating slowing and non-stop. He walked over and it just stopped and guess what… this little girl was sitting on it, as my friend described was translucent, with noise (like watching old movies) all over her body and has empty eyes socket. Was shocked and went back to his own department where he told his senior. Both walked back and she was still there but, only my friend can see her.

3) My friend a lady used to work in a hotel. It was the 7th month. She and her colleague (man) decide to go toilet before going off works. Was late at night. So both went, and the toilets are just side by side. While my friend was washing her hands facing the large mirror, there is this lady ( i know i know why lady again, maybe more ladies like to scare people like real life) walked pass. Couldn’t remember if she viewed from the mirror, anyway my friend turned her head to see this lady.. she got a big big shock of her life. This lady has a very long hair and it was actually flipped over and covering her face with the back of her head/neck exposed. (Back facing my friend walking away) and she doesn’t have a neck! yes, head is floating. She rushed out of the toilet and her friend the man actually rushed out too. Yes he saw it too… both ran off without going back to take their belongings. Next day, the guy who delivered the newspaper was discovered fainted at the stair-case. he saw the same lady.

4) My brother was possessed at Australia, ang moh gui or not I’m not sure. And on another occasion, at the cruise he experienced many people whispering to him over and over again and at night the wardrobe’s door will slide in and out.

5) Friend’s friends overnight at Pulau Ubin. Night time. Few gathered around sitting in like audience listening to a guy talking about ghost story.. you know lah at the right atmosphere people will do stupid things. Half way through while this guy was talking, the rest suddenly told him to stop and time to sleep and all went to the tents with this guy amused whats going on. Next day, they told him that a head flew over and landed on his shoulder facing them.

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