Figment Of Imagination

This experience happened a long time ago when I was in primary four. I was having my school holidays at that time, and my mother asked me to delete some files in her computer because she was shifting to another office.

I followed her to office in the afternoon after having lunch at home. I brought a few movie cds along as I knew that there won’t be much to do after I helped my mom with the chores. When I arrived, most of the things were already packed into boxes including a picture of Guan Yin and a mantra my mom put up on a wall in front of the computer

So, I went straight to work on the computer and after quite awhile, finished deleting the files. It was 5 o’clock in the evening by then, and the office was starting to get pretty quiet as most of the workers had already gone home.

As it was my mom’s last day in the office, we decided to stay a little longer just to make sure we didn’t leave anything behind. My mom wanted to bring the last box of things to the car, but I decided to stay alone in the office to watch the movie cd I just bought.

I made a very wrong decision. I should have followed my mommy to the car. It was already around 6 o’clock at that time and the sky looked quite dark from the window behind me because it was a cloudy day. I didn’t care much about my surroundings as I was deeply immense in the movie played on the computer.

That was when things started to get wrong. At first it sounded like somebody playing mp3 at a distant cubicle outside my mom’s room. I didn’t bother to look into it. Then it started to get louder. Just the very thought of that sends the shivers down my spine until today. It sounded like a women humming a sad, sad tune. But the tune sounded more and more sinister as it got closer to the door next to my computer. I didn’t know what to do. The Guan Yin picture and the mantra that is usually pasted on the wall next to the computer is now gone, carried by my dearest mommy to the car in the last box that just left the room.

Just as you think that things couldn’t get worst, the computer that was my only companion at that time froze. Blue screen. No noise to dampen the atmosphere. Just me and the slowly approaching malevolent voice. Then the table in front of me started to shake. It wasn’t caused by ‘anything’ other than myself. I started to pray really hard, whispering the mantra that I was taught from a young age.

The voice continued until it was finally outside my doorstep. The opened abruptly and outside stands someone no other than my beloved mother! I kept quiet for awhile and regained my composure before asking my mom whether she was humming or singing

any song when she was on her way back here. My mom to her surprise said no. I scanned outside the room and there was no one to be seen. After that, we quickly got our things and went home straight away.

Till this day, I’m still curious if the experience was a paranormal one or just a figment of my imagination. Please feel free to give any comment or advice here.

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