Old Lady At Midnight

This story occurred to me and my friends. Dis incident happened at Changi beach. All the 4 of us (me, Faiz, Eddy and Farhan) were on the way to East Coast jetty when it all started ( we planned to go to East coast 1st to fish. As u read on, you know why I said at changi beach ). Faiz suddenly sensed that something was amiss and he told us not to go fishing. But who cares!! We had already planned it for months and now he’s telling us not to.. “Go to hell!!!”, I said in my mind. So when all of us rejected his decision, he gave up and just followed us. Then Farhan started to act BRAVE!! He said that there will be no ghosts as long as he’s around and that ghosts do not exist in dis world. I just kept quiet and shook my head.

When we reached East Coast jetty, it was already 10 o’clock. Normally, there will be lots of people fishing at that jetty at night but where did all those people go to?? We were all puzzled. Then Farhan decided to go to Changi Beach. We agreed and made our way to Changi Beach.

Finally, we arrived at Changi Beach. It was already midnight. Over there, there were too many anglers and we decided to go deeper inside when we finally arrived at one construction site. The planks are stacked on top of the water. So, we went on top of it and settled down. We started fishing and suddenly Eddy opened the topic abt GHOST. He told us abt his father’s encounter at Changi Beach before.

Eddy’s story

His father was fishing at Changi Beach when suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and saw an old lady. Dis lady asked in Malay, “Nak.. ada nampak cucu nenek tak?” (Son… Did u see my grandson??) Eddy’s father answered no. But still this creepy old lady kept asking him until he turned his face to the sea. 3 secs later, Eddy’s dad turned behind and found nobody. He started to have goosebumps. But he thought dat the old lady had gone to the bushes so he continued fishing. Then, he felt another tap on his shoulder again. He turned around and saw that old lady again. This mysterious old lady asked again, “Nak.. kau ada nampak cucu aku tak? Cakap betul-betul!!” (“Did u see my grandson?? Dun lie to me!!!”) Eddy’s dad said no and suddenly the old lady disappeared. When he looked to his right, he saw 1 boy running around. He thought maybe dats the old lady’s grandson. So, he called for the boy and when the boy came to him, he had no face and was floating.

End of Eddy’s story

Before Eddy could finish his story, there were footsteps behind us. We thought it was the security guard but when we turned around, it was the Old lady in Eddy’s story. She said in Malay, “Korang tengah cakap pasal aku eh??” (“u all are talking about me is it?”) in an angry tone. All of us ran as fast as we could leaving all our fishing things behind.

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