Orientation Camp

We has a wonderful camp one night… at St Patricks secondary.. It was such a fun…. On the last day of the camp, we had an excellent dinner… It finishes at 12am exactly…

I was going to the toilet alone as no one wanted to follow me as they were tired. As i when to the toilet, the light bulb of the toilet went off… Althought it was dark, i still went in to the toilet… As i was doing my business, i heard noise… The door was banging all the time.. . I thought it was my friend who was playing a fool with me… so i decided… to check.. Suddenly when i check.. i saw a rope on top of the door or the wall… I was soo scared… Seriously scared… The door still kept on banging… I ran off and told my teacher about it… The teacher told me ‘Go and sleep’ but i can’t sleep as i was still scared…

Then i decided to tell my good friend… He followed me and brought a torch light along.. When we enter the toilet… i check whether the rope is still there,, but to my horror the rope was gone….. What happpen??? When i ask my teacher.. she said that there was a girl who committed suicide as she did not do well for her O levels…. Damm i was scared.. I did not go to the toilet again….. until now…

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