Inside Toilet

I don’t know if this story is true but it occur to me and my friends at our school toilet.

It was raining heavily at around 3 pm. We had just finish our remedial that day. After leaving the classroom, we went to the toilet. The whole school sound very silent and there is no one at the classroom block except for us.

After about 15 mins inside the toilet, we discovered that one of the cubicle door is lock from the begining we enter the toilet. I knock on the door but no response. We shout and ask who is in there but still no response. So i peep from under the cubicle. I saw a pair of legs that is wearing a school shoe. Then my 2 of my friend peep after me. When they look up, they look at me and ask to go out of the toilet.

Outside the toilet, the place look very dark and very silent. So we run towards the canteen. Luckily there is still a few students left. My friend told me that she saw a long hair bending towards the floor. I was very scared and shocked. How come i saw a pair of legs while my friend saw a long hair. Luckily she never saw the face. If she see, i think she just fainted there.

Who could have been in the toilet??

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