Ouija Board

This all started when we, 2 SM students, got involved in an Ouija board incident. The people who played the Ouija board were from a secondary one class beside us. As we were good friends with them, they asked us to play along but we didn’t want to but they told us what happened in the end.

What happened was that they stayed back after school decided to play the Ouija board in the hall. They drew out the Ouija board. They played, and the coin really moved by itself. The coin was moving out the ‘Home’ area, and if you are familiar with the Ouija board, if they coin moves out of the Home Area, you would have to continue playing the game until the spirit allows you to go back ‘Home’. Suddenly a gust of wind blew the paper away, and the back doors of the hall all slammed open & close over and over again. They got scared, and ran out. Since then the doors would open and close randomly, even without wind. Now the schools has changed the back doors to heavy glass doors, that require much strength to open.

Later on, they wanted to finish the game so they went to their own classroom, which was a the top most level of the school, turned off the lights, locked the door, and drew another Ouija board. Again, if you are familiar with the Ouija board, you would know that you should never ever ask a ghost questions that it cannot answer with words. Yet they asked, “Give us a sign that you’re here” after the coin moved. The tables on their left and right flipped over completely, and landed on the table’s top. They got scared, and ripped the paper into half and in the midst of doing that, they lost the coin. While this happened, the light above them shifted downwards. From their point of view, they could see three sections, each containing one light bulb. It seemed as if the whole thing was about to drop off. After that, they hastily left the class, shaken.

Strange things began happening to those involved, and those who knew the story. One girl saw red-stained hand prints on the wall, there weren’t there before. Another had difficulty breathing after that incident. Some began to see extra shadows walking next to them, and the one who held the coin frequently saw strange faces in the mirror. One of our friends claimed that she could see ‘things’ after midnight, she said that she inherited it from her mother. That day, when she came home her mother was extremely angry at her and asked her why she played with the Ouija board. The thing is, nobody knew that they played with the ouija board, not the teachers, not the parents. Only a few selected people were told of this incident. Her mother said the ‘they’ told her, and she demanded that they should apologize to the spirit. That night, after 12, our friend woke up, sensing somebody looking at her. It was an old man. With sad eyes, he told her that he was one of the spirit they summoned with the ouija board. He also explained that there are two other spirits. She remembered that when the light dropped, there were 3 sections to it. She realized that must have been a sign. He said he was the only spirit who was willing to forgive, and he just wanted peace. She apologized, and promised that they would never do it again.

The next day, which I remember clearly was a Tuesday, something happened. There is a bell hung right on top of the building in the middle of our school. It was made out of 1 cent coins, and it is huge. Nobody could reach it, trust me, we tried. Rumors say that there is no door to the bell. Strong gusts of wind could not shake it, therefore it remained silent.. most of the time. One of our principals died on 7th May 2004. One week later, they bell rang. Another incident was when Elizabeth Choy who was a teacher in our school, died on 14 September 2006 due to pancreatic cancer. One week later, the school bell rang. Back to the present, it was Tuesday and it school was about to end. Suddenly, the bell rang. The class of the main girls who were involved knew about the Ouija board. When they heard the bell, some of them couldn’t breathe, some of them started crying, some of turned paper-sheet pale. My friend and I, who knew about the Ouija board, but were in a different class, reacted immediately when we heard in ring. Immediately after school ended we rushed over to the next class and we started talking about it. The school counselor was called to comfort them.

In the midst of everything, my friend and I realized that the rest of our class did not react to the bell. And we realized nobody else in our class knew about the Ouija board. We ran around the school searching for our classmates, and when asked about the bell, they all shook their head, saying, “No, what bell?” We were scared to death. Now, in that classroom where the coin is lost, teachers would suddenly walk out of the classroom at the time the bell rang. There would be a drop in temperature. They never played the Ouija board again. We can swear that all this is true, we can swear on another Ouija board.

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