Mass Possession

I was in class at school, struggling to keep awake while my teacher went over what we went wrong in our exam. (It was soon after my school exams) Suddenly, I heard screaming coming from outside the window. Everyone in the class heard it, including my teacher. Curious, we went to the windows. When we looked down (we were on the second floor), we saw this girl (whom I knew) running around on the ground, screaming her head off.

My teacher remarked, “Even though the exams ARE over, she doesn’t have to do that you know.” We all laughed. Our laughter was cut short however, when something very strange happened.

The girl had just ran screaming past two girls who just happened to walk by. To our shock, those two girls started screaming as well! It wasn’t only them. Whenever the already screaming girls passed anyone, that person would either keel over in a dead faint, or start to run around screaming!

My teacher paled, and told us to go back to our seats. She told the class monitor to make sure that no one left their seats while she went out for awhile.

When she came back, she told us to clear up our things and to call our parents to come and pick us up. Anyone who didn’t have a mobile phone was welcome to borrow hers. Not long after that, we heard the principal making an announcement over the public address system. It seemed that ALL students were to go home – TWO hours before we were supposed to! We thought it was strange, but when we asked our teacher, she just shook her head, nothing.

It wasn’t until the next day that we found out what happened. Well, most of it was just was just rumors, but they had a ring of truth to it. Apparently, the girl whom we first saw running was seen making fun of a tree. Later, she ran out of class and just started screaming her head off. People believe that the tree concerned had a spirit dwelling in it and when she insulted its home, it decided to take revenge by possessing her. The possession then sort of ‘spread’ to the other people she passed. Supposedly, the day the school shut down early, a whole bunch of ‘imams’ (Muslim religious men) had to come and exorcise the possessed from the spirit.

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