Haunted School Technical Block

In my ex secondary school, Mayflower Secondary, there is a well-known technical block which is damn eerie. Anytime of the day you see the block, it looks hazy. During my NPCC holiday camping, we stood at the ground floor of that building cos it was rumored that the lights will flicker at 12mn. We were sitting there to countdown and surprisingly no flickering when we were waiting, but when we went back to the classrooms opposite the block, the light flickers liao…of course we freaked out lor..

East Coast, I never bumped into any *touch wood*. my bro did. he’s having BBQ with his buddies there on evening, he saw something white on the treetop. he didn’t really bother until he went home. he was casually telling my dad about it that he saw something white and the tree & the pics that were taken also have got white figure in it. My dad immediately bring him to the bomoh. The bomoh whacked him with a thick log for a few times. my poor bro have got a blue-black back after that. He was given some “hu” (tailsman), instructed to burn into ashes and mix with water. surprisingly, the blue-blacks disappear after a few days.

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