Creepy School

My school used to be so creepy. There was this Malay girl (mum is Chinese, da is a Malay) who was in secondary 4, i happened to be in sec 3 then. According to Malays, when they have fits or seizures, it means that the person is being possessed. Not sure how true this is, but i have of this from my friends before too.

So anyone, one day in school. She had a seizure along the corridor during recess. And her friends who happened to be there did some prayers while a few went to inform the discipline mistress.

Well apparently, the day before she had a fit, a group of friends and her went to a rumored haunted house.

According to hearsay, the amulet band on her bf’s wrist drop off along the way home. Which i suppose is a good thing cos my grandma once told me that these are for protection. And if something is trying to harm you, it will drop off or turn black itself. (not sure how true) to protect the owner.

So after she came back from the house, she kept saying that there was a small boy following her. But everyone else couldn’t see. After that, she came back to school for 1 week and then stopped coming to school.

It was said that her grandma took her to Thailand to get cleansed. And she didn’t come back to school after that and skipped her O levels.

We happen to know the story cos she’s quite a popular girl in school. She played the lead actress in one of the musicals staged. And also, the discipline mistress used to be my chemistry teacher for 2 whole years. So we were quite close to her.

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