Haunted Banana Tree

My secondary school has a banana tree near the general office (GO). Not sure how to describe, but it’s not exactly like in the garden or anything. It’s just in the center. And my school is pretty old about 40 years old? And the grounds used to be a cemetery. It’s somewhere in Yishun.

Apparently, one night during an NCC (sea) Sec 1 camp, the kids had to do night walk alone. And this teacher in charge was actually sitting at the GO ‘playing’ with the kids by making noises as they walk pass the GO to frighten the little campers. But in the end, it backfired. According to another teacher who was on the 2nd floor on duty, he saw something fly from the banana tree towards the teacher in the GO and flew past him.

And this teacher had a very very high fever the next day. The camp happened over Fri-sun. They were supposed to break camp on Sunday morning and school would resume on Monday. After this incident, this teacher never came back again. Even up to this day, no one knows exactly what happened to him after that and where he is now.

I am a teacher myself. So i often do go back to my school and speak to my ex teachers for advice. And it’s really surprising that no one knows where he is now considering S’pore is so small. And teachers always seem to meet teachers.

This happened when i was in Sec 4 and my brother was in sec 3. And at sec 3, they were the ones who were supposed to lead the camp. And it seems like this story is true because my English teacher who was close to the teacher standing at the 2nd floor, told us 2 weeks after the incident. As for this teacher who saw everything, he’s still teaching in my sec school!

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