Outfield Incident

This incident happened when I was serving in the Singapore Arm Forces. We were having training exercise and have to stay outfield overnight aound Lim Chu Kang area. It was a 3 days 2 nights mission so we have to set up camo nets around our Bionix AFV. We were tasked with ramp duty and we each take turns to do it. My duty was from 1-3am, so I just sat on the ramp with 2 of my section mates sleeping soundly beside me. Nothing happened till almost the end of my duty, when I was counting down to switch duties and go to sleep.
I casually turned my head a bit to look to the left of the Bionix and i saw someone standing just right beside the back headlights of it. At first i didn’t think too much of it and thought it was my platoon sergeant or the driver who probably might be smoking there. But then I saw that the person was wearing the old type of uniform and quickly turned my head back. The entire Bionix was covered by the camo net so the only way in or out was thru the ramp i was sitting on, so nobody else could have been there without me noticing.
I was stunned and my face was paled(the next guy that took over me told me next morning), I darted my eyes left a bit to see and saw that the person was still standing there probably staring at me. I look at the time it was 2.52am, so i just thought f**k it and end my duty by rushing into the Bionix and calling the next guy to take over. The guy woke up and was wondering why I rushed into the Bionix suddenly. I just went to sleep at my corner in the Bionix without saying anything that night.
Next morning the guy asked me what happened since Bionix rushed into the Bionix without saying anything. I told them what happened and he said no wonder my face was pale as white when he saw me. The next night nothing happened as we all move to another training area. Till this day I still cannot forget about this incident.

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