Tekong Ferry Jetty Toilet

During my time in Tekong, I was in Mohawk Company and there was this week which my company was scheduled for round the island prowl. Kena arrowed with a few others. Last time have not received M16 yet so assigned with baton and rattan shield. Tag teamed with a buddy who recently injured his leg during training so movement a bit slow for him. Kena 2 different time slots for prowl: just after sunset and 2am plus.
Cut story short, fast forward to 2am prowl. I finished my prowl and went to the toilet in the jetty to wash up my face and fill up my water bottle from my SBO. It was a humid night and very sweaty and uncomfortable. The toilet was quite modern with adequate lighting, with 3 cubicles which was behind me as I was facing the mirror and basins.
When I was almost done with refilling my water bottle, I heard one of the cubicles flushed……. The doors were half ajar and since I stepped in no one came in. I ignored the flushing sound, maybe I missed one of the guards, I thought. While looking at the mirror which reflected the 3 cubicles……….Whoooossh…….and then in a few seconds……..whooosh!!
3 bloody flushes from 3 cubicles which after the first flush. Who the hell were inside, I asked myself. Just nice I finished topping up my water bottles. After fastening to the pouches, I heard another set of sound…….klok klok klok klok klok, repeatedly, rapidly. I took my baton and face the 3 cubicles.
One by one I gave a light kick to see what the hell is going on inside…………..there was no one. The flushing sound ceased one after another when it ran out of water to flush. But the klok klok klok sound remained. I took a step forward and nearly went weak at both knees……… right infront of me the metallic push button for the flush kept being depressed and when extended and depressed again…..
I took a few steps back and saw all 3 cisterns’ push buttons were rapidly moving up and down, like something/someone were there all the time pushing the buttons non stop!
I reversed, grabbed my gear and fast march all the way to the rest room.

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