Seeking Help From Good Brothers

During my days as a trainee to be an instructor in the army, I did something silly and was supposed to be charged.
Knowing that my camp was haunted, I decided to seek supernatural help. It was already a known fact that my company has dirty things lurking in the building. It was also the Chinese Seventh month. So I purposely asked for a weekend COS role…
I booked in with joss sticks and joss paper, canned drinks, sweets, biscuits and milk. Cost no more than $20 in total.. In the middle of the night on a weekend, no other cadet or commanders around, I went to back of company line, in the darkness I arranged the offerings, lighted up the joss stocks and prayed for their help. Then burnt the offering 1 piece by 1 piece (Yes, I’m not kidding, because have to be discreet in case people see the flame). Even offered few sticks from my pack of ciggarete.
Can feel the hair standing after praying. It’s very obvious cold feeling suddenly like you step into a lightly air conditioned room. I told the good brothers the name of my commanders.
After praying, went back to sleep alone. Before sunrise, I woke up to clear away all traces of prayer and offering and disposed them properly.
Miraculously, the charge was dropped at 8am, my PC booked in and was seemingly VERY disturbed by something and told me not gonna charge me anymore… I dont have to elaborate further. I was able to pass out from my course.
My passing out parade also fall on the end of the 7th month… So before I pack and leave, I secretly made another prayer to thank them, as promised. Same thing.
When it’s time for me to take my own group of men to training, I treated them very well, and was never harassed by the unseen, when all other commanders were disturbed. Some pretty badly, yanked when sleeping.
Remember, those dirty things some of them used to be soldiers also, died by suicide or accident. You bully your men and they bully you. You treat your men well, those higher rank ones who bully you, the ghost will disturb them. Whether you believe or not, I believe.

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