PA Incident

Well, I heard this told by my fiance who was serving his NS at that time.

See, they all have this “Light-Outs” rule by 10.30pm or 10.00 (I’m not sure) right, but he and his friends weren’t that sleepy yet. So they were like chilling around and stuff playing cards and smoking the usual guys thing. Suddenly, they saw two shadows moving towards their room. Thinking it was their officer checking on them, they quickly climbed to their bed and pretended to be asleep. My fiance decided to peek to make sure it was their officer. But to his horror, he saw a lady with a little boy carying a basket standing at the door. And the part that made my hair stand was this; Quote” Suddenly the boy pointed at my direction and said to the lady, “Mak, orang tu belum tidur (“Mother, that guy is not asleep”)”. He asked his friends the next day if they heard what he heard and all agreed.

So my message for you NS guys at the PA, sleep when your told to do so. Here is another story told by my fiance dedicated to all the vain guys out there. Place of incident: PA bunk toilet

See, he had this one friend who always like to pamper himself by washing his face and stuff late at night. There is this one time when he was washing his face, he sensed somebody watching him through the window. Thinking it was my fiance and his friends, he just shouted and told them not to do that. But when he was done and went to check it out, he saw a white object flying just beneath him. My fiance said he had a shock that night and never washed his face late at night again.

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