Old Man From Tekong

It happened during my NS time….1999…..my unit was there to hold our range (shooting test) it was because our first range was void cause we fail the regulations….therefore we got to finish our range before the dateline and all the venue in mainland had been occupied. No choice but to go to tekong for range….

At first we were wandering, where we gonna stay as the buildings as the BMTC are for recruits…… our officers then told us that we were gonna stay at camp 1…. oh my god! we all heard that camp 1 is haunted right? So we were frightened to stay there…. We asked the officers are there joking or what…. It seems that they not joking as we set our journey there…. I think those army personels in tekong knew that some units got stay at camp 1…. but not army one…. Usually the task force or something ….

We reached about 6pm then we wait for transport to set us to camp 1. When we reached there, we unpack all our belongings and then went wandering around….Juz to see what is around this camp 1… For sure, we stay away from the SOC ground…. especially the jagged ladder….. Heard there’s pontianak there!!!

When we were resting, i decided to call my girlfriend juz to tell her i’m ok… As my bunk is near to the road…which linking to the medical centre of camp 1.. i went out by the road to talk as u see the reception in tekong is bad especially when u are far away from the BMTC…

As i was talking to my girlfriend by the road…. i looked upon the main road which is parallel to the road i was standing, except mine is on the slope…… I noticed this old man cycling an old bicycle….at about 11.30pm then.

To my amaze, no civilians would go this far….. cause there nothing beyond there…. except camp 3, camp 2 and the range(S) plus a deserted village….. but then there no civilians allowed to live here maybe BMTC but this old man had travel far… One thing for sure i didn’t ask him what he was doing here… I juz ignore…..

From the story cpl submit, i lucky i didn’t asked him or acknowlegde him….

So next time u c this old man ignore him then….

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