The SAF Beret

Well, I am sure most of you people who have been through the Army knows all about the Crest on the SAF beret, it is supposed to have been blessed by the nine major religons in singapore and it is supposed to have power to ward off evil. My friend D related this incident to me…..

One night, D was having a topo excerise in the Chua Chu Kang area,…however he and his buddy C just couldn’t find their last check point. Aimlessly they wandered till they came into the nearby cemetry,…den C saw a photo of a very pretty girl on the Tombstone. Being playful, C decided to kiss the girl on the photograph. As soon as his lips connected with the Photo, No matter how hard C tried later, he was unable to pull away. It was as if some kind of force held his face there. D immediately walkie talkied back to HQ for help,..Luckily the Encik was around, he immediatedly rushed down to the cemetry. On arriving, he took out his beret and place the Crest on the tombstone and ordered the Girl to let C go. After what seemed like eternity, C was released. C suffered from swollen lips for the next 2 weeks.

From wat I heard from D, C was never quite the same to this day

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