Pan Pac Hotel At JB

This happened last year, when I and my husband intend to stay at the Pan Pacific Hotel for 2 night. We often stay at this hotel while having our vacation until I don’t believe on that first night. We were sleeping it was already half past one. I heard some noise outside the corridor so I ignore it and went back sleeping thinking that somebody was walking back and fro in front our door.

I didn’t expected that suddenly our light went off, what was funny if it was blackout why was the television is on. I woke my husband up saying that there was a blackout so my husband open the door to see the condition outside and saw our room neighbor asking did my husband saw a Indian lady in white sari has pressed the doorbell. My husband say he did not saw the lady

Then when my husband went back inside the room and call the Maintenance to check the room condition a few minute before the Maintenance came the light were on once again so I told my husband that there were something strange about the level that were staying in so I asked my husband to immediately checkout the next morning.

When the next time I visit the hotel I will not take that level the level that we staying that night was 11. I felt that was very spooky.

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