Murder At A Hotel

I was working as a telephone operator at one of the hotel and one of my friend told me one story which happen to this hotel. A few year ago, there was a murder case happen in one of the room at 5th storey. A lady was being murder by a guy. The guy chop off the lady head and throw the body into the river. The head was left in the room.

Something happen one day when my friend was working night shift. She was working halfway and the photo ring. Our phone can see which room number is calling and she saw that it was the room which the lady was being murder. She told my friend and she say that the room was empty no guest is staying inside and they don`t dare to answer so they ask the manager to answer the call. He pick up the call and after a while he put down the phone. They ask him what had happen but he say nothing and ask them to continue working but can see that something is wrong as his expression change after answering the call. They keep ask him but he don`t want to say. But heard from one of the manager that he told him that he heard a lady crying on the photo.

A few day later, i was working night shift and a guest call from the room next to the room which is being haunted. The guy ask me is it there something going on the next door before. He request to change room immediately. We just told that guest nothing was wrong. But he insisted on changing room and he say he is very confident that something had happen before in that room. So in the end we change the room for that guest. But nobody know what he heard or see. The hotel now only let out the room to taiwanese and japanese cause this new had been publish out on the new before. Whenever a local guest come they will say that they don`t want the room on the fifth storey.

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