Park At Bedok North

Bedok is a scary place ain’t it? hehe..Anyway, I experience this spine chilling experience about a year ago. I just came home from supper at simpang Bedok with a friend and wanted to make our way back home. It was already 12 in the morning and we decided to walk home as it was not worth taking a cab. Besides, it gives us time to digest our food while strolling home.Somewhere near Bedok North Ave 4 or 5, there is this huge canal..and on one side of the canal there is a park connector.One side of the canal was the private residences while the one side, the one with the park connector was lined with various factories. It’s not a deserted park connector as many people cycle and jog there.

Anyway, we were strolling along the first 10 metres of the path when something strange caught my eye.My friend saw it too. 200 metres away from us, we saw something that looks like human dressed in white /white bird. The connector was brightly lited but both of us could not figure what it is because of the distance. We stopped walking and just stood there and observe it from the corner of our eyes. The thing would move (or more like float) to and fro across the path. A moment it will be standing at the railing near the canal and the next it will move towards the bench area. Sometimes, it would just squat in the middle of the path facing our direction. That position made it look like a huge bird.

Dun ask me why, but neither me nor my friend wanted to take a another way home. We also decided to not go ahead to cross that path. Moments later, we saw this Indian man on bicyle riding passed us. We looked at each other and say ,”He is goinna pass through it, surely kena one!”. We were puzzled. Didn’t he saw what we saw? Or was it something so normal to him. As we watched him rode nearer to it, the thing just disappear. The Indian man was fine.Nothing happen to him. We thought the thing disappeared for good but less than 5 mins after the man passed by, he re appeared. It kept doing the same doing the same to and fro movement and disappear once in a while.. This went on till about 6 in the morning( Yes, we really stood there thru the night to observe k)With joggers and cyclists trailing the path at that time, I guess it had to go off for good. Till this day, I never ever use that park connector again. I rather walk the long way or take cab home.

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