Pasir Ris Park

I’m not sure how to begin this.. some pple might consider it hogwash..some don’t. As for me, I’m not comfortable with it..

I can sense spirits..if they are nearby..not all the time..not accurately..some of you might have read my army experiences.. and truth is..half of the time i’m really trying to handle my’s better not to know sometimes..

I was fishing in Pasir Ris Park at night with my friends..we were doing some research on fish community and our sampling sessions normally ended late at night about 9-11 pm.. One day, we tried a new site during the afternoon, it was on the left bank of Sungai Tampines. Normally the mangroves there are alive with birds (crows) insects..but that spot felt cold, dead and unfriendly. In fact i was very uncomfortable..i felt a presence and it was not friendly. Even my colleagues felt a bit strange.

At night we had to go for one more round..At about 8.30..i wnet in the water to set the net..I can feel the presence..more if watching at me intently from the mangroves..I can’t see a thing but i can point with my finger to where the source came from. My heart raced and i tried to summon my courage.. it failed..

I quickly set and pulled the net and followed my colleagues up the shore..i can feel the eyes following my if screaming at me to leave the place or. else..i’ve felt other presence b4 but few can rival this.. so much hatred..

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