Something In Toilet

This incident happen in 1999. My ECA group was having a barbecue. Well u must be wondering what my eca is. It is the military band.

Well, when i first enter that skool in 1997, our teacher told us never to go to the toilet alone especially at nite. Well my best friend fizah badly need to go to the toilet but everyone was busy so she has no choice but to go by herself. When she entered the toilet, she quickly went inside the cubicle. After finishing, she wash her hands. While she was washing her hands, she suddenly felt someone was watching her but she was all alone in the toilet. She quickly made her way to the door but when she reaches the door, she found that it was closed and she doesn’t remember closing it. She tried to open the door but it won’t budge.

Then suddenly, the lights when off. She felt that something was coming towards her as she was trying desperatly to open the door. She was starting to cry. As for me, i was wondering what took her so long so i decided to check it out.

Since she is already at the toilet, i decided to go alone. When i reach there, i found the door close. I thought that she might have gone to the other toilet. I was about to leave when i heared noises coming from the toilet. I was scared but decided to check it out. I opened the door and my friends face came in view. She hug me crying. What i saw behind her made me pull her and run.

When we reaches our friends, we were both very pale. They ask us what happened. My friend say she felt something breathing down her neck when suddenly the door gave way. But after she saw my face, she was damm relieve. When my best friend ask me why did i pull her and run, i told her that i saw what was breathing down her neck. It was a lady dress in all black. I was shocked cause she was reaching out for my friend so i reached out pull her and run.

That nite, our barbecue ended early because of what happened. As we were leaving the skool compound, we turn towards the toilet. There we saw a lady in black waving at us to come to her. We all run out off the skool. Those who didn’t believe me at first, now do.

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