Have You Finish

When i was in sec 2, my school organised a camp for the secondary 2 students. It was a 3 days 2 night camp. The camp was held at Pulau Ubin Campsite.

The first day there …. everything goes smoothly….no eerie sightings was heard among my friends. On the second day, at around 9 pm, i brought my dirty clothes to the toilet with the intention of washing them. I thought no one else was in the toilet.

As i was washing my clothes near the sink, i realised that one of the cubicles had its door closed and i heard some noise coming from inside the cubicles. As i was pretty bored, i began to strike up a conversation with whoever was inside. When i said hello, the other person reply by sayin hello. Soon, we were talking. The ‘person’ told me that he was also in pulau Ubin as he was also having a camp with his friends. So we chatted and chatted.

Then out of sudden, the other person stopped talking. Out of curiousty, i peep under the cubicle door. I was shocked when i realised that no one was in there. I quickly said out load that i had finished my laundry. Suddenly a lady voice was heard saying, “Have u really finised or did u just find out?” After saying that, the voice gave an eerie laughter.

At that very moment, i ran out of the toilet and went into my tent. I was lucky as nothing happened after that. Only God knows who that was.

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