Bamboo Tree

Here, I like to share a true story abt when my friend & i rent a bungalow chalet at SAF Chalet at Changi around June 1999….

On one fine Thursday morning, me, my boyfriend & my 2 other friends reach at the bungalow chalet. It has a good atmosphere..our bungalow chalet is right inside & a quiet place near bushes, where our rooms facing the sea. Just nice..for couples who loves privacy situation..The minute we step in the bungalow..i can feel the eerie of the house. I inform my friends abt what i feel, but they told me it’s just my feeling..nothing’s wrong..There got 2 bedrooms & toilet upstairs. Me & my boyfriend in one room while the other two share in another room. After unpacked all our things, all of 4 of us prepare food for the barbeque..

At 8 pm, the night was so quiet which we can listen among our conversation as all the other units us is vacants. That night we had a great fun, where we play cards, karoake & drinking. At abt 2am, all of us are too sleepy that we sleep at the living room. Four of us sleep beside each other, that’s what i remember before i close my eyes to sleep. The next morning, when i woke up to my surprise, i didn’t see my boyfriend sleeping beside me..i thought maybe he’s taking a bath or he’s taking a morning stroll, i went to the bathroom but he’s not there, then i try to go out but the door is locked which he can’t simply went out like that..I wake up my other 2 friends to help me look for him. To our surprise, we found him comfortably sleeping at the edge of the kitchen door. When we woke him up to ask him, why did he sleep at the kitchen? He himself puzzle, he’s not drunk as he don’t drink..all of us were so puzzle how can this kind of things happen..on our first night stay at the chalet. I was so scared that my friends try to comfort me to stay cool..

On our 2nd night, after having our dinner, all of us watch vcd then we karoake. Two of my friends already went to sleep abt 1 am, left me & my boyfriend. At that time i feel so cold & feeling eerie ..but i try not to think abt it. At 2am, my boyfriend went to the bathroom. As i was singing, suddenly i notice something moving at the bamboo tree just opposite our chalet. When i stop singing, the things stop moving but when i continue to sing, it continues. It’s like something moving from left to right & right to left. I think maybe it’s just a reflection of the curtain behind me, but how can curtains move as we closed all the door & turn on the air-con. When i put on my spectacles, to my surprise i saw something white at the bamboo tree clapping the hand as like enjoying my singing & moving the body. I got so shock that i shout for my boyfriend through the microphone. I covered my face with the cushion until i wet my pants. My boyfriend & my other two friend came down hurriedly as they thought something happen to me. When i told them what i saw, my boyfriend & my friends believe me, as they told me they themselves has been disturbed by the “white thing” when my boyfriend in the toilet & my two friends in their all of us get scared we didn’t sleep the whole night & we check out from the chalet first thing in the morning.

Later, i got a bad fever which i been hospitalised for 4 days due to my shock after seeing the “white thing”..i swear upon myself that i’m not going to rent chalets or overnight at any chalet due to my phobia.

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