Pasir Ris Park

Dis happen wen i n my frend A were hanging out at pasir ris park. We were looking 4 a place 2 sit n it was a saturday nite n the place was crowded. So we went 2 the end of the park. We juz hanging out. The place we sat at near some trees as it was the end.

I was bored so i stared at the trees, wen my fren said “Jgn tgk, memanggil kape?”(dun look,u calling it izzit) I juz ignore him. At bout 12, it was becoming colder….so we juz sat n smoke there….I was packing up my bag wen i saw a white thing past by so fast. I juz ignore it. It happen bout 3 times but i still ignore it. My frend started 2 stare at trees again. Dis time n i didnt feel comfortable. I told him 2 stop it as i felt sumtink was amiss. He said he was used 2 c it. Den suddenly he change his sitting place n glance back at the trees. He told me dis if u saw the thing, n u change ur sitting position n look back, and its still there, u better make a move. He said we better sit elsewhere. I agreed 2 it.

When we move from there, a wind become stronger. The place dat we wanted 2 sit at was quite a distance. We took the long way as we had the whole nite 2 spend. But we try 2 by pass certain areas which is popular 4 its super-naturals. So wen we reach the places, we took other path. As we were walking, i saw a lady in white sitting at 1 of the benches looking at us. It was quite dark. I didnt feel good. We pass by a construction site. It was quite small, but as we pass by, there was a knock which came from inside n i saw a cat went in as if someone was calling 4 it. Who cud b inside it when the place had no one inside n it was 3 in the morning. We ignore it n juz walk on.

We sat at the path which is situated behind ecsape theme park. At first it was ok. When i notice the trees behind us was the swaying while the tress in front of us was stagnant. I juz kept quite. Den a bunch of guys pass us as the pass way leads out of the park. Half way thru, they came back. Den i over heard them saying,”kau nampak tadi…die ade”(did u saw anything she was there). When i take a look, i saw a figure in white with her back at me. So i juz stare n suddenly it turn. My fren saw my face n I kept telling myself not 2 look. But i ignore him..

At bout 4, i felt sleepy so i told A i wanted 2 sleep. He said ok but wen he wakes me up, i better wake up. Den in 1/2 an hours time, A woke me up. He asked if i heard baby cries wen i was asleep n i said no. After a few mins, i heard it. The cries was so near as if i was around us. Den in the bushes, we heard sumone running in it. Dat was the last straw n we decided we sit where thre lotz of ppl, till next morning.

Dat was the most happening thing in my life.

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