The Scare

It was a beautiful night, i was taking a stroll down the Changi Beach with my fiancee. It was really romantic. We had actually went down to Changi Beach because some of my friends had organised a BBQ.

While we were walking, i felt someone actually following us. I noticed a shadow behind our back. I held my Fiancee shoulder and i walked faster. My fiancee did not understand why. “Why are you walking so fast?” my fiancee asked. I said, “I will tell you later!”

Then i muttered,”Only if we survived.” I did not have enough courage to turn. I just continued to walk straight. I also remembered some stories told by my friends that if you feel someone following you, never turn because if someone slaps you, you will die. So i just walk… straight. Walking faster then my fiancee could walk. So i slowed down a little. Just a little. Then i realised that if i walked straight, i would be moving further away from my friends. So i decided to turn without even caring about what my friends told me. It was better to get slapped then get caught in a demon trap. So i turned, i looked down on the sand on the beach. Nothing happened! But the shadow was still there. I walked back towards my friends.

When i reached the pit, my friends were gone! My fiancee disappeared from my corner without even me noticing! Then i saw something float right in front of my eyes! An instinct told me that my friends, my fiancee, were all ghosts! Ghosts that take the form of my friends and my fiancee. I screamed! It was a girl with long black hair! Long fingernails! And a very hideous looking face! Behind it were all ghosts who were headless! Their head were floating beside their own body with intestines and internal organs hanging from the head. I screamed non-stop all the way back to a nearby coffee-shop! I found that nobody was there! It was a illusion made by the Girl! The “PONTIANAK!!” I quickly took a cab home. I asked the cab driver if there were really ghosts at Changi Beach. And his reply was,”NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT.” I was shocked!

I gave a call to one of my friends! He said he had called me to cancel the BBQ party because one of his relatives had passed away! When i did not realised he called me! So i thought a ghost could have answered the call. I slept in the cab! When i reached home, i called my Fiancee to check if she was at the BBQ party. Like all the others, her reply was No. I knew by then it was really a Pontianak! I was lucky to have escaped her evil plans! I will never forget that experience! And that Pontianak…… WAS ME!

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