Previous Car Owner

This story was told to me by my uncle and aunt, who live near Soong Choon Garden in Ipoh and of course, the eerie things happened at their neighbourhood. It happened few years ago and back then, the locals were shocked with the news of a man getting shot multiple times in his very own car, when he was refilling petrol.

Having a tarnished reputation as a member of a triad group and a loan shark, the locals thought it was enemies avenging for his evil deeds. The investigation didn’t progress much and its case is closed at present. The very car he died in, was under his nephew and his name. Therefore, after his death, his nephew had the right to claim the car for his own personal use.

Coincidentally, his nephew stays right opposite of my uncle and aunt’s house. Both of them and my cousins are dog lovers so they had a few dogs. The night when the nephew drove home the car, which was at midnight, the dogs were disturbed by a ‘presence’ and all of them howled. Not only their dogs but almost all dogs in the neighbourhood. My aunt was alarmed and she expressed her concern to her husband, telling him the unusual behaviour of the dogs. However, my uncle brushed it off by telling her that it might be any female dog having a period, causing a high mating desire among the males. She was not sure about his reply and went off to bed. The howling lasted until the wee hours and they had trouble sleeping.

The very next morning, my aunt went over to the opposite and they talked about how peculiar was the dogs’ behaviour. Soon, she found out about the car and how the previous owner died from gunshots. She was terrified by the news and related the matter to my uncle. Basically, nothing they could do. The next few nights, eerie things started to happen in the neighbourhood.

1) A teenage girl staying not far from the nephew’s home was talking on the phone with her friend when she heard a coarse male voice interrupted their conversation. The voice was very harsh and sounded pitiful. She was scared and quickly ended the conversation.

2) A lady was preparing dinner in the kitchen when she heard a man whispering and talking at the back lane of her house. She opened her back door and found no one.

3) A lady woke up in the middle of the night and heard a man sobbing pitifully outside her house. She decided to peek from her window upstairs and she saw a black figure, sitting under a tree outside her house and crying.

4) Continuous barking and howling of dogs towards the car

Soon, the neighbours were complaining about the strange incidents and confronted the nephew’s mother. She was concerned about the car too and decided to persuade her son to take the car to a temple for blessing, which her son gladly did. After the blessing, strange incidents ended and the dogs stopped howling. How strange!

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