Pulau Tekong Experience

This story happened to me.  I guess everyone will have heard a lot of stories about ghost in Pulau Tekong.  So now I shall share mine with you guys.

There was one night when I was already sleeping. My buddy came down (double decker bed)and told me, ” Ten, accompany me to the toilet leh.”  There was a rule saying that we should move in pairs at night. So i agreed.

I remember I was walking really slowly following him to the washroom. And I remember that I look into the reflection of the mirror and see him entering the cubicle.  After 2 – 3 mins or so, I was feeling quite tired and I asked him whether is he done? But there isn’t any reply. Just at this point of time, I hear a slam on the floor, something similar to someone falling down.  So I just went to push open the door.

To my amaze, it was empty. No one is inside the whole washroom. At that point I was thinking, its time for me to head back and not think about anything. But just as I was walking out of the washroom. I saw my buddy standing outside and he asked me, ” Why did you walk so fast?”

After that event,  I start to think, who was I actually following in the first place?

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