Pulau Ubin

I am an Indian working in Singapore. From the past 3 months I had been planning to visit Pulau Ubin but never materialised. So finally one Saturday i.e on the 13 July 2013 it was a pleasant day with rain just the night before and the sun not so scorching I left along with my wife in morning around 10.30 we reached Pulau Ubin by 12.00 as I stay in Pasir Ris so reached fast.

We both hired 2 bicycle and with help of a small map given to me by the bicycle rental people we straight away went to Chek Jawa.  It was told by a man at the rental shop that it was a good place. My wife would ride the cycle but was a bit slow and inexperienced. However our first experience was near the Malay cemetery. My wife and me could just brake in time before the start of Chek Jawa wetland water opp the cemetery. Just when we moved to go from there to the Hui hut I felt as if some one was watching us from the dense vegetation adjacent to cemetery. We reached hui hut parked the bicycles and went to the visitor centre and then took a right to go to the memorial house and for the sea view of frog islands.

Then we were out from there and exited our way from the beach walk platform towards the mangrove exit. we went to viewing platform and came down to go to visitor centre and then to bicycle park. that is where when we exited the mangrove exit I saw a cemetery.  Opposite to cemetery there was a small well. When we walked towards the visitor s center I felt a small headache gripping me on one side.  That was a subtle force in my head which was indicating me to leave the place as soon as possible. In India I have heard that we should not disturb the souls sleeping during the day in a a cemetery.  They are most active during the night. Also there are certain bad souls that can zap you off your spiritual energy. A week minded person can also get possessed. I asked my wife if she could feel the negative vibration but she said no.

It was as if we had disturbed them. We took our bicycle and then took the route from Hui Hut toward the quarry. On the way towards the quarry there is a steep slop.  Before the slope there is a right turn.  It also had the signed dismount and push. My first that’s was to get down but seeing the slope I wanted to enjoy driving and asked my wife to go ahead first who all the while was following me. The steep slope that followed my wife went like a rocket. I asked her to apply both brakes but could not stop in time before hitting a tree and falling down badly. Just before two Chinese couples who were standing in their bicycle. My wife had bruises on her right elbow her hip. Luckily there was no fracture. But it so happened that she couldn’t raise her right hand and was unable to drive again. We sat there for 10 minutes and walked with me holding both the cycles. My wife could hardly walk the distance from slope to quarry. After that she sat again.  We were helpless as we couldn’t go further. Thankfully one chines group on cycle  gave a bottle of water.

After that I became tensed thinking how to go back to the jetty. At that time a couple who had hired a taxi was passing by. I waved my hand for a lift for my wife back to jetty. The driver first was saying no. But the he got off when the couple was sight seeing the quarry. After looking at my wife’s bleeding hand he agreed to take her to jetty along with her bicycle for 10$. I was relived. I asked my wife to get in and said I will follow behind the taxi van. The had just left and was about 150 meters ahead of me when my bicycle chain snapped from the wheel plate. It took about 5 mintues just to get the chain out from it. However I walked some places and some places and used the slope to my advantage to go back down. To cut this long story short. I would like to advice everyone that it is not good to visit Pulau Ubin for adventure or fun sake. Please respect the souls who have inhabited that place. I would never go to such a place. I only came to know about the hauntings of Pulau Ubin after I searched net after reaching home. That’s my first and last visit to Pulau Ubin.

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