Tekong Cemeteries

Frankly, I’m not actually here to tell ghost stories about Tekong, (not to spoil the mood, I will still tell the stories though…) However, I have something else to ask. Hopefully I can get some good answers.

My mum (& late grandparents), were from Tekong, stayed at one of the kampungs there. Of course, in ard 1986 everyone moved to Singapore. My mum & a few of my uncles told me, even now, there maybe some cemeteries still there. I just need to confirm about this.

Ok, here are some ghost stories:

1- I do have a ‘weird’ experience during my BMT (Sch 2) there in yr 2000. It was ard 2-3 am, everyone else was sleeping in the bunk. In the midst of my sleep, I suddenly woke up and to my surprise, when I woke up, suddenly all the fans in my bunk started to turn off (You can hear the sound). The funny thing was, suddenly, the light opposite of me, only this light, above one of my bunkmate’s bed, suddenly flickered for a while. Everyone else was asleep, who could have disturbed the fans/lights switches? Fortunately I was very tired and continued to sleep.

2- Still during BMT, I didn’t experience this, but according to platoon 2 (I was in platoon 3), their bunk which was directly under mine, a few of them have seen a ‘lady’ in their bunk, near the window during the night. This incident was confirmed by the commanders. I’m not sure if this ‘lady’ has got anything to do with my experience. Only God knows..

3- This was told by an-ex villager. This incident happened during the early army days in Tekong, where villagers were still there. In one of the kampung, (FYI, a few houses were very, very close to cemeteries) a villager was looking out from the window, watching several soldiers training nearby. This soldier, not knowing that he was actually on a tombstone (probably resting), decided to move it. Moments later, came the ambulance and news was heard that the soldier (who tried to remove the tombstone) had died. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

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