Real Haunted

In a recent trip back from downtown east,  me and my friend Jane (not her real name), on the way home which we have nothing to do, we started to talk about paranormal stuff.  She told me about her school, west spring secondary school,which is a very haunted place.

Since I had my tuition(at night ) in her school I was excited about the stories she was going to tell me.  Her school was a very dark place at night it was spooky my tuition classroom is at the second floor of the school.  To go to the toilet,  you have to walk along  the corridor.  The end of the corridor is always very dark, and I hate to walk along the corridor as beside the corridor on the first floor there’s a pond, I’ll always hear weird noises and feel uneasy when I walk there.  But what make me feel more disturbed was what Jane told me,  about her school.  The story goes like this…

In one of the olden days, a group of student from that school, was playful so they played a game in a particular classroom. It was not any ordinary game. They were playing with the ‘ouija board’ if you had heard before. During the game, something( I’m not sure) happened and the ghost they invited were trapped in the room, Unable to escape.

Many misfortune happened in that classroom. Such as student falling down suddenly or being disturbed by some unseen forces. Their principal believed in “fengshui”  ( it’s kind of luck related stuff), so the principal invites a feng shui master to take a look at the classroom. He told the principal that ‘something’ was trapped in the classroom. The feng shui master adviced the principal to put a pond in the middle of the school( which is next to the corridor which I walk to the washroom). Then the ghost will be inside the pond forever.

After hearing what my friend had said, I vow not to walk near the pond anymore. This is not the end yet, let me tell you more about the school. Before we go to our tuition classrooms, we have to walk past the field in the school. Like any other normal day, we have to walk past the field before going to the classrooms. But that day was different, when I was walking past the field, I sensed something was looking at me and thus, I felt uneasy. I took a glance t the field and guess what I saw? I saw a woman wearing a white robe floating a few inches above the ground!

I walked as fast as I could and prayed in my heart that everything would be fine. Jane told me that it is a ghost which has lurk around in the school for a long time already she saw it too. Jane then told me more stories, once her seniors in that school stayed back in school until 8pm to help out their teacher. When they passed by the dance studio , they saw that two hands was playing the piano by itself with some eerie music. The seniors got scared some eerie music. The seniors got scared and ran out of the school gate…

Well, of course there is more about that school, but Jane got too scared while telling me the stories and she stopped. CURIOUS? Well you can find more about te school yourself and students from wsss better lookout. Haha

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