Phuket Hotel Dirty

I want to share something which my friend encountered many years back when we had a short holiday in Phuket.

My friend and I went for a relax 4 days trip with our girlfriends to Phuket and booked some random cheap hotel(as we dun have much $$ then). Usual practice for checking into any rooms to stay, we would knock on the door and say excuse for disturbance and such to inform of our intention or something like that. Then we would check for any abnormality. Everything seems fine and we checked into 2 separate rooms side by side.

Every morning we would meet for breakfast then continue with our day exploration and fun. So everything went fine for the first 3 days but on the 4th day morning, when I saw my friend, he was like super shag and tired. So I teased him and girlfriend “last night you two had a great time is it?”. Then he said no but he could not sleep well. He then pulled me one side so as not to let my then girlfriend hear or see.

He lifted up his t-shirt and showed me darkened imprint of a palm on his chest and shoulder(something like those kungfu show where kanna hit by some inner strength leaving a palm mark and a shoulder grab but the fingers were over stretched).

Then he ask me did I hear or experienced any yesterday night? Any knocking or banging which I said no.(though maybe he was hearing me and my ex doing some “exercise” i was thinking then. hee hee). He said he and his girlfriend heard noises and he found those on his body. I told him not to think much about it. We went some Thai temple to pray later that day and were safely back in Sin the following day.

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