Rented Flat In Tekka – 662 Buffalo road

My girlfriend is a foreign talent from truly Asia and she first came to Singapore alone to tanjiak when she was 18. This story happened more than a decade ago.

After she first arrived in Singapore, she managed to find a flat in tekka that has a spare room for rent (but must share with another girl).

The owners of the flat were an old couple who had already moved out and stayed in some condo and there were already 3 other lianbang mei tenants staying in the flat. They also just moved in recently.

Seeing that all the tenants are truly Asia girls and the rent is quite cheap, my girlfriend straight away on the owner, paid up and shared a room with one of them.

After a few nights, strange things started to happen.

One night my girlfriend woke up from her sleep after feeling someone touching her cheeks and caressing her hair. She sat up and looked around. Her roomie was still sleeping. She brushed it off and went back to sleep.

The next night, things got worst during bedtime. She felt people kissing her face and touching up on her. She sat up again looked around but saw nothing out of the blue.

Being a kuku sort of person my girlfriend suspected her roomie to be a chao lesbian who’s trying to eat her tofu. She went to her roomie and shook her awake.

Gf: “oei you qi lai qi lai wake up!”

Roomie: “aiyo so late liao what you want…”

Gf: “eh u trying to be funny ah? Why u kiss and touch touch me?”

Roomie: “u qi sin (siao) ar? I where go do those things wor… Bu yao anyhow say…”

Since her roomie die die also say nothing to do with her, my gf also lan lan return to her bed and sleep.

On the 3rd night, my girlfriend was rudely interrupted in her sleep by her roomie shaking her.

Roomie: “oei wake up…”

Gf: “… What you want?”

Roomie: “eh you very bad leh i told you i never disturb u last night but why u come take revenge?”

Gf: “where got i was sleeping leh…”

Roomie: “you don’t bluff! Just now i was sleeping half way got people kiss my cheeks and touch me! Not you then is who?”

Gf: “really not me la…”

Think at this moment her roomie abit freaked out riaos.

Roomie: “… Whatever. Very late liao i go sleep first tomorrow then talk…”

The next day when all 4 girls were having breakfast, my girlfriend’s roomie brought up this matter to the other 2 girls sharing the other room. To her horror, the other 2 girls also kena similar things for the past few nights but brushed the matter off thinking that they were either too tired or not used to the new beds.

That day my girlfriend called back her home in truly asia and told her mummy about this matter. Her mummy say that she will go to their local sintua/temple and consult the sifu there.

Not long after girlfriend mummy called her back and told her that the masters said that their flat is dirty, got 1 young male spirit staying with them!!! My girlfriend chuak sai and immediately informed the other girls about her discovery.

The leader of the girls (the first tenant) decided to call up the flat owner to clarify things and check if the flat got people died inside before or not.

Surprisingly the lao uncle owner was very honest and told her that his only son passed away not too long ago in a motorbike accident. His son was still very young back then.

After hearing this my girlfriend immediately called her mummy for advice. Mummy told her not to worry as she will return back to the sintua/temple today to solve this problem.

My girlfriend mummy soon called back and said the sifu there performed some rites and they burned some offerings for the spirit… Including 1 paper motorbike!!! As for whether the paper motorbike is 1:1 or smaller I’m not sure liao.

Surprisingly after that the molesting stopped liao but my girlfriend also moved out after a short while because the spooky feeling is still there.

One more thing is that i noticed that at night if downstairs carpark got people ram their motorbike and make those vroom vroom noises my girlfriend will suddenly become very tensed one. Should be because of this incident lol….

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