The Old Lady – Jurong West Blk 672A

Many years ago, I was walking back home from the MRT station after 11pm. I was walking at the edge of the carpark and on my right side was the school fence, the school building was on a lower ground and a distance away beyond the fence.

Then came a very distinct female singing. I couldn’t make out the language she was singing but it was pretty near and it was on my right side. I looked towards my left and no one was inside the parked vehicles. Beyond the school fence was pitch dark and the building below was in darkness too. I doubt there was activities in the school compound then. Fortunately, the singing didn’t followed me back.

Few months later, I was walking towards the lift lobby at my block void deck. It was after 3pm after my class. Back then, there wasn’t any upgrading programme and the lift lobby was located at the centre. Lifts, without the windows panels, stopped at specific levels.

As I approached the lobby, 1 of the lifts was closing and I made a dash for it. Managed to run in at the last minute and I turned to the side quickly, wanted to press the 12th floor which was the highest for the lift. But that button was already lit. Then, I saw 1 old and fragile lady at the corner with her head slightly bowed. Quite a shock since I didn’t realised there was another person inside. I couldn’t see her face and she wasn’t carry anything. She was dressed in a plain blouse with 3/4 sleeves and a all black flappy pants with black shoes. Her dressing was kind of old fashion and reminded me of my late grandmother’s dressing. Anyway, the moment I saw her, I was in a ‘dazed’.

When the lift opened, I exited the lift automatically and ‘woke up’ suddenly. Why I said I was in a daze was I couldn’t remember the entire time when I was inside the lift at all. I couldn’t remember what I was doing/thinking or if I was looking at the old lady. The only thing I could remember was I walked straight out of the lift when the door started to open. The lift door closed behind me and I realised I was on the 9th floor instead of 12th. There was no one at that level. I ran up the stairs to the 12th floor and the lift which I took was there with it’s door opened. I checked around but the old lady was nowhere in sight. She looked strange and I don’t recognise her or see her around. Moreover, I knows my neighbours. When I told my mum, she couldn’t recall any old lady fitting that fashion style either.

Few months passed and I have not seen that old lady again. Another incident happened that same year. This time I was alone in the lift going downstairs and it was late in the night. I was standing right in front of the lift door. When the door opened, I looked straight ahead and saw a white figure drifting from my left to right about 20m ahead at the open space.

Those incidents happened in the same year. Probably my luck was ‘down’ that year or simply coincidences of events.

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