This happened at the block opposite of mine a few yrs ago at Jurong West st 71 blk 743 . it was the 1st day of hungry ghost festival. An Indian money changer went to JB and he reached s’pore around midnight. By the time he reached my area was almost 2am. He alighted from the taxi and went to the lift. Got one Chinese gal waiting for lift also. The lift opened and the gal went inside, the Indian guy went in behind her. He pressed his floor button and turned to ask her which floor, the gal was not there. Its like she suddenly disappeared.

He got panicked and quickly run out of the lift and sit at the playground till morning and then only he went up to his house. He told a few neighbours about this. The aunties all asked him not to worry and avoid coming back late nights. After this incident he stopped coming back late at night.

2. I bought my current resale flat on 2020. Before that i was staying at a house just 2 blocks away. When we come to view and the owner was a single guy and stay with his mom n maid. We walked around the house and we liked it. We purchased the flat and after renovation we moved in. My cats loved my new house as it is big. First few weeks they chase each other playing catching, wrestling with each other at night around 2+ or 3+. Sometimes they may even knock things down while jumping on tables lol.

A few days later my neighbour below came and talked to us. I was worried they may complain about the noise made by my cats. The neighbour auntie asked if we encountered anything at night times. We replied we never encounter anything. She said that the previous owner kept alot of Thai amulets and antique coins and some nights she, her husband and daughter kept hearing kids giggling and footsteps running around the whole house. This went on for a few years. It was creepy. They came up to ask the previous owner, he said he was not married and how to have kids running at home.

Every since we moved in the giggling noises and running footsteps all stopped. The neighbour auntie told us she is very sensitive to supernatural stuffs. She believed the previous owner kept those child spirits and brought them with him when he moved. She said she stopped hearing noises after we moved in they all can sleep without disturbances.

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