Saw A Pontianak

Every month when my friend’s cousin(named her as A) has her period, she always cried in the middle of the night. It has been years and she tell her parents that she saw a ‘Pontianak’ flying outside her bedroom window and will have nightmare when she sleeps. However, her parents just don’t believe her. Anyway, that time A is in her Primary 5 or 6 i forgot ler. Her parents thought she just wanted more attention from them. Then one fine day, her mum went to sleep ON A’s bed for afternoon nap and had nightmares about the Pontianak too. That’s when they began to buy A’s story. So the parents send her to see a psychologist. The doctor asked A to draw out what she saw in her dreams. A draw out the look of the Pontianak. The doctor gives the drawing to A’s mum and she got a shock of her life.

They brought A to consult a medium. The medium explained to them that when A’s mum was carrying her, she accidentally offended the ‘thing’ thus they got to perform a ritual to appease the ‘thing’. Hence the family did praying joss tick for 49 days outside A bedroom to ‘thing’. On the 49th day, the ‘thing’ is able to fly into their house and dunno do what to the family but the medium informed them beforehand not to open their eyes when they hear anything. (THE FAMILY SLEPT TOGETHER ON that Night) The father sensed a tug/fright just as he was about to fall asleep. Luckily he didn’t open his eyes.

Since then on, no more nightmares or seeing ‘thing’.

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