Scary Tekong

I am presently a regular in the Singapore Armed Forces(SAF). Nothing beats the sun, sand and the sea, well that’s what they all say about the army, navy etc etc in those commercials.

Well enough of the rubbish, as you all know saf trains most of the soldiers on tekong..and now with sispec moving also to tekong, you can really expect one whole big crowd down at tekong. The famous tekong island is believed to be haunted in lots of areas.

Areas such as the jetty whereby a muslim cemetery was believed to be found and an entire area of blocked off ways are just some places where the lucky ones might just spot some of our “hao peng you” (aka good friends aka ghost).

Well the muslim cemetery is a place whereby when night falls, one just feels eerie about the entire place. You will feel that somehow or rather you are being watch at or observed by someone.This was what i heard from my friend in camp. I never witnessed this nor felt anything there but if you have read this story and is enlisting soon, u might have a chance to verify it yourself.

Another place which i have seen with my own eyes is a blocked road somewhere near the rubber plantations i guess. I was sitting in the tonner(a heavy-duty army truck) and we were driving pass that area. I was surprised by why the driver avoided that path and how that road was cornered off with red and white tape across the entire path. I immediately asked my sergeant and guess what he told me…he said the path was sorta cursed in a way. Previously, drivers that have used that road either got lost or became temporarily mad and would stop the truck and scream or shout and cry. If you are lucky enough to sit a tonner pass by that way do keep a lookout into the road..well u might just get lucky and see something.

Tekong is generally divided into three camps. That is the new bmtc school 2 , old camp1 and camp3. With the addition of the newer block the place looks welcoming. Upon setting sight on the older camps, one would normally think that the place would be haunted or something. I stayed in camp1 previously for a couple of nights but nothing unusual was seen by me. The older camps could have gotten their share of the stories maybe because of the old condition of the buildings or the un-maintained corridors,rooms and lightings. I had a personal experience of walking alone along one of the long corridors of the old camp 1. I must admit that the experience really was scarry. Walking along a long and dimly-lit path, with the rooms along the way unused anymore. I looked into those rooms and was greeted with broken window panes, socks, a single boot, mugs etc. It was pretty eerie in that sense. Judge yourself when you get to tekong.

Stories that when you go to tekong, you are prohibited to bring pork and such to the island also has its stories. They used to say a long time ago, a new recruit arrived on tekong and began his bmt training. Shortly, family members were allowed to visit the son and find out abt his living conditions etc. The mother out of love brought over the son’s fav food—char siew bao. The new recruit saved the bao for a light night snack so he kept the bao in his locker. At night when everyone was about to sleep, the recruit suddenly shaked violently and screamed out loud. The platoon sergeant that was on his rounds immediately ran to the bunk and asked the other recruits to hold him down. The sergeant then chanted some prayers and the shaking recruit just fainted. The next day, the sergeant inquired the recruit about what had happened and etc. The recruit just said that his mom had bought him char siew bao and that just when he was about to eat it, he feel cold and the rest he could’nt remember anymore. The sergeant told the recruit tekong used to be a muslim populated island so never bring pork or the likes over to this island for fear that the spirits on the island will be enraged.

Well i suppose that’s all for now, i still have a few stories to share with all newly enlisted soldiers the next time. Till then…may the god you believe in protect u…

PS: those free thinkers can dismiss the above tales as crap but well i myself is a free-thinker so what do u think…

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