The Peeping Lady

I’m the sort who holds the motto “Seeing Is Believing”. Even when I was in camp serving NS, the eerie stories I heard never did fascinates me until…

As it was a Saturday, I was out of camp. I was with my then girlfriend, Sarah, at Pasir Ris Beach. Our intention was to make out. We initially went to the far end of the beach where there’s this wooden tower, but there’s already 3 couples up there. We walked further down towards a bridge, and since I knew that there’s a similar tower nearby, I suggested going there. The problem was, we had to go through a grove where it’s, erm, quite “keras”. It was about 9pm then.

Sarah was very timid, and she kept commenting that she saw “things” by the corner of her eyes. Being her guy, I acted brave. When we reached the tower, it was occupied with couples too. We decided to just go home but our way back, we came across 3 wooden huts.

To cut the story short, we were halfway doing our “thing” when we heard bushes rustling. Sarah was afraid someone would pop by, so I checked it out. It was nearly 11 and I saw a black figure crouching in the bushes. I stared at it, trying to make my vision clearer, but it vanished. The same thing happened twice and during the third time I went to check, something tickled my face. I thought it’s some leaves hanging from above, but when I looked up…


I swear I don’t know exactly what it is as it was very dark, but when I related the incident to my buddies, they experienced something similar to mine! So team, why not go explore that place and enlighten us?

By the way, Sarah broke off with me that very night for leaving her behind! (Wouldn’t you do the same?)

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