Simon Rd Camp

My Story: Simon Rd Camp is actually a transport batallion (army trucks) situated near Hougang area where the camp could be mistaken for an old school or a run down hospital. The trucks would be parked accordingly in a dimly light carpark situated in front of the drivers bunk….so this is what happens..

I have a habit of checking the vehicles, loading up the tool boxes late at night before i go for my early detail the next morning….so there i was circling around the trucks looking for any faults or damages done by the previous drivers. The place was dark at the time as the trucks were parked closed to each other and the light was not of any help. I was satisfied as there were no fault and i decided to check the lighting this time.(signal lights, head lights etc).

As i open the drivers door, there sit this old lady hanging onto the steering looking straight ahead!!! I was dead shocked that i just slammed the door and walk hurriedly after i heard her saying this…JANGAN TAKUT TAKDE ROSAK APA APA!!!(DONT WORRY THERES NO FAULT ON THIS TRUCK!!!) can you believe that!!!!!

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