Symphony Of The Night

Well, after reading so many interesting stories, i was also tempt to give my personal account of my little encounter with the unknown… So here i goes.

During my army days, i was posted to this particular camp in Choa Chu Kang for my vocation training. As usual there was the training and the normal duties that we have to do such as guard duties. It was during on of these duties that i have my strange encounter.

I still remembered that sunday nite quite vividly. I was being arrowed to do a sunday duty. Its was my shift now. Our guard commander then woke me up, “Hey Ah seng! Ah seng! wake up lah, now its yar turn.” I opened my eyes reluctantly. “Ok. ok. I wake up already.” I replied. “Ok. then go find your buddy ok? And quick get yor gear and go draw your weapons and ammo. ” The sargeant said. I get up of my bed and scour around for my indian buddy who doing the same shift as me. “Oh, there he is.” With some effort i managed to wake him up. The two of us then sign out our weapons and being our round. I looked at my watch. Wah, 4 a.m in the middle of the night.

Prowling for some times, the both of us begin to get tired and sleepy, my indian buddy kuma then suggest, “Ah seng, i suggest that we cut short our prowling route and then go find somewhere, be tactical and sleep till the next morning.” On hearing this, “Boy, now then you said that, great minds does think alike.”

The both of us then quicken our pace. When we were walking along a stretch of road, near a rubbish dump, there was this small dog that we saw. Quite cutely, the dog then followed us. I said jokingly to Kuma, “Hey, isn’t that your brother following you?” The dog really did followed us for quite a while. But as we were walking down a slope to the lecture block, the dog was getting furthur and furthur from us. We think it was getting tired or something. When suddenly, the dog begins barking uncontrollably. I was shock by the sudden barkng and jumped around. I mean really jumped around. We then see the dog at a distance, just stood there barking and barking. A shiver ran down my spine. We decided to ignore it and hurried to the old lecture block.

We climb up the stairs to the building. Then we decided to take a nap at the second floor. I looked at my watch, boy, it was 5 a.m. already, still got one hour to sleep. My buddy was already lying down on the floor near a classroom door. I slept opposite him. Soon, I was alseep too.

Suddenly, i woke up. I thought i hear something. Really hear something. I lie there and thought i hear some chinese opera singing. I look at my watch, 5.15 a.m. In the middle of the night, someone singing??? Chinese opera??? Whats that? I lie there, perhaps too afraid to move. I couldn’t think of any reasons there will be opera singing in the night. It was in an army camp. Where got people singing??? I was real scared. Then in the distance i noticed something, i dun know if its because of my fear that i saw it. Its was someone or something dressed in a chinese opera costume. I can’t see the face or what, but i can make out roughly the outline of the thing. Its vanished suddenly as mysteriously as it appears. I just closed my eyes and says my prayer. Sort of trembling. Then i try to go back to sleep telling myself it was a dream. I guessed my tiredness for one good thing, overcome me and i slept till my buddy wake me up.

The next morning, i told my bunkmates of my encounter. They all just seems to believe me half heartedly. But one of them said that the camp was haunted as told by one of the sargeants. Especially the level above us and the old lecture blocks there. I guess it was real. Really scary is my encounter with the “Symphony of the night.”

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