School Camp Incident

A year ago, i was instructor for a primary school camp in Peixin Primary in Yishun. There were probably 7 of us instructors handling a few hundreds kids. The schedule for the camp were very hectic and tiring and fun. The kids were full of enthusiasm and endurance. We instructors were exhausted by night but the children were amazingly still energetic. Anyway when all the children was fast asleep, four of us had just finished bathing so were pretty much awake. The rest of intsructors decided to turn in early. The four of us chatted in the canteen till it was two in the morning and that we decided to make treasure hunts and prepare the items for the school kids.

The two guys went out to hide the items while me and rose stayed in the canteen. The guys then returned saying they were tired and would continue later. We suspected that they were scared and laughed it off. Half an hour later, we were ready to go round for the items when an old malay man with a beard and holding rosemarry beads approached. He was holding on to a cane. We thought that he must be one of the teachers who stayed over. It was odd though because all teachers were asleep. He suddenly vanished right in front. We decided to forget it tho it scared us off. After that we went to sleep. I was inside the tent when a tap woke me. A little girl called out “jie jie awake?” I was blur. She vanished immediately too.

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