School Haunt

I have many such “experiences”, but this is by far the most chilling one. I vividly remembered it happened in primary school, and I was eleven or twelve. In all my years in there I have not encountered any spooky incidents there, and it was not known to be “dirty”, so it came as a surprise and abnormality to me as I reflected on it later.

Anyways, I considered myself lucky as I did not experience this alone. I was with my friend, and we were waiting for three other members of our team. The five of us and a teacher was supposed to meet at school on Sunday for a competition. It was very early, like 6.30 am, and the weather was really cloudy that day. Coupled with the fact that it was a Sunday and almost nobody was in school and that there were very few lights on, it was very eerie. The only people we met was a teacher walking across the corridor on the second floor towards the staff room, and a cleaner auntie, or otherwise known as a janitor. Me and my friend, XZ, hung out around the ground floor as it was really, really dark, even at the first floor, not to mention the upper floors.

Eventually we got bored of waiting for our friends and decided to walk around the school.

It was at a particularly long corridor, the classrooms to our right, and the parade square to our left,did the spooky incident happened.

We were chatting, and strolling, whiling our time away, when suddenly we both stopped in our tracks. All around us, there was suddenly this loud grong grong grong noise. It reverberated around the floor, the walls, the ceilings, the everything. It sounded like a very heavy and large invisible person striding towards us at a very fast pace. I knew it was not an earthquake. The sound came from the far end of the corridor, and was getting louder and stronger fast. Words simply cannot describe the feeling I felt at that time. The sound, the experience was so unnatural and surreal. It didn’t sound anything normal.

We both looked at each other and ran.

As we ran, we heard this very high-pitched, very chilling female voice screaming. It was so loud that it sounded like it was just inches away from our ears. It definitely did not sound human at all. We continued running till we reached the canteen, where it had the most light and where our bags were.

Nothing made sense that day. Who would scream like that? The aged janitor? And on hindsight, I realised no teacher would come to school on a dark Sunday morning at 6.30am. The teacher that we spotted on the second floor? I didn’t even think that was actually a human being.

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