St.Patrick’s School

If you had studied in St.Patrick’s before, you would have heard of the various ghost stories. It was built before WW2 and during the war the British had used it as a hospital, but it was later captured by the Japanese and they used it as a administrative building.

The Japanese had a battle in there with the British resulting in the deaths of soldiers and civilians. There are many stories about the school but I’m going to share one that is not so well known as the staffs did not want to frighten the students. During the war, the Japanese sent infantries in the compound to capture it, they did not use explosives and heavy artillery as they wanted the building intact. There is this one Japanese soldier that was given the orders to kill anyone at a staircase near the current heritage room in St Pats that leads up to the library currently. The Japanese soldier knew that there was civilians up the stairs and was going up to kill them, but what he didn’t know was that there is a British soldier up there waiting for enemies as well.

He slowly approach the wooden stairs and the very moment he peeked upwards the British soldier shot him in the head. It is rumored that the ghost of the Japanese soldier still lingers there trying to find the people he was sent to kill and many years ago 5 construction workers were sent to replace the wooden steps to concrete but when they took a nap there all 5 of them died in their sleep. The steps were eventually replaced to concrete and the walls repainted but still, it is said that you can see the bloodstains of the Japanese soldier still on the wall.

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